Texas Standard Oil Company retained Mr. John Kim to represent the company in a complex oil & gas case in Federal Court on very short notice when previous counsel became unavailable. Mr. Kim not only got up to speed in record time; he performed brilliantly, winning very favorable jury verdicts on every issue. His skill in making complex issues understandable marks him as a rare and extraordinarily talented litigator.

Charles A. Sharman, President, Texas Standard Oil

I have known and tried cases with John Kim for many years. The most succinct way to sum up his passion for and expertise in trial law is that while all trial attorneys like to win; with John it’s a necessity! John devours a client’s case, including the facts, the law, and most importantly the unique details involved in each matter to turn the tide toward resolution, or he works tirelessly toward a trial verdict in excess of what the other side thought possible.

Pete T. Patterson, Houston

John Kim is a diamond in the rough among trial lawyers. He worked on a case for years with our firm, travelling from Houston to Columbus, and made an impression with everyone he met here, from opposing counsel to the trial judge. His courtroom skills are unsurpassed and his passion for justice is a true credit to our profession.

Jami S. Oliver, Esq., Oliver Law Offices, Inc.

I want to personally thank you and your firm for all the hard work and effort put into my case, you were put behind the “Eight Ball” from the get go but you made it work nonetheless. “David slew the giant” thanks to your team. I highly recommend your firm.

Paul Harper, Strategy Sources President