John is a talented lawyer who just “gets it.” He can be tenacious and shrewd, but perhaps his greatest strength is that he knows how and when to optimize the decision points in a case which usually enable his clients to realize the most favorable outcome. And if the other side is not bright enough to realize that John’s views are the right ones, he has the capability to take the case to trial, and convince 12 fine citizens that his way is the right way.

Stewart Hoffer, Attorney

John is one of the best lawyers I’ve ever seen. I was his co-counsel on an African oil and gas royalty lawsuit. Thanks to his magnificent organization and deposition skills, he found the collateral legal issues that highlighted the risks for the other side, which was a big company. Our clients were ecstatic. The magnitude of the confidential settlement was beyond their wildest hopes.

Charles A. Sharman, Co-counsel with John Kim on an oil & gas royalty lawsuit

This was a bet-the-company case and John only had it for 60 days or so before the trial. I was comfortable at the courthouse, like somebody had my back, somebody cared. John was well-prepared; he was aggressive when he needed to be. He did his job and we won. I couldn’t praise him more in this situation.

Shane Sims, President, Environmental Packaging Technologies Limited

I sent Mr. Kim a thank you note after being on a jury when he was the lawyer. He was so respectful of the jury and all our different backgrounds. He was very nice to the jurors in the way he presented things clearly. He was down to earth. If I’m ever in trouble, I would want him to represent me.

A juror, From an energy litigation case John Kim tried in Harris County