John Kim
Can’t stand to lose.”

Led by Texas attorney John H. Kim, The Kim Law Firm is an established leader in the field of securities litigation. Our team represents investors, companies, corporate officers, directors, securities dealers, securities holders, brokers and investment companies involved in cases throughout Texas and across the country, including:

  • Lawsuits filed by individual security holders
  • Derivative lawsuits
  • Insider-trading claims
  • Stockholder and shareholder disputes
  • Matters before the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
  • Breach of fiduciary duty or breach of loyalty
  • Claims against brokers
  • Prosecution and defense of securities fraud claims

Whether proving the existence of fraud in an investment scheme or protecting innovative brokers and investment companies against mistaken allegations, Texas securities attorney John H. Kim and his team combine proven experience and a thorough understanding of U.S. securities laws with a drive for innovation and efficient resolution of complex legal matters.

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