John Kim
“Is prepared to win.”

Houston lawyer John H. Kim approaches cases with a professor’s zeal to know everything there is to know, a psychologist’s knowledge of people and how they can absorb facts in a courtroom, and an artist’s creativity open to new ideas and solutions. He started this firm to practice all kinds of civil law and bring his unique courtroom abilities and uncommon view to boil a case down to its winnable components.

He tries complex commercial litigation for and against major international companies and handles trials and settlements for individuals who have been injured by others. He’s been involved in oil and gas litigation, royalty and mineral disputes, all kinds of business litigation — including contractual and trade secrets — and personal injury and product liability cases. He has tried cases in Texas, around the country and internationally.

John Kim, who has received accolades from his fellow lawyers, is known for his remarkable analysis of cases, his effective courtroom demeanor, his expert cross-examination, and his ability to connect with and explain things to juries. How he handles a case isn’t the way the crowd does it.

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If you have a civil case, be it in the energy sector or a personal injury, that requires a lawyer with a superlative courtroom skill set and keen analytic legal mind, call John Kim at his Houston, Texas, office toll free at 888-477-1319 or locally at 713-522-1177, or contact him today.