John Kim
“Is prepared to win.”

Oil and gas exploration and production are inherently dangerous, and The Kim Law Firm has significant experience representing victims of oil refinery explosions, pipeline accidents, oil and gas construction accidents and toxic exposure at chemical plants in Texas and throughout the United States.

Texas attorney John H. Kim and his team have handled numerous cases involving:

  • Negligent maintenance
  • Inadequate or incompetent supervision
  • Contractor and subcontractor negligence
  • Third-party liability in construction accidents at oil refineries, factories and chemical plants

The oil and gas industry faces numerous state and federal regulations in an effort to minimize the risk of fire, explosion or the release of toxic substances. However, we too often find petrochemical companies failing in their duty to safeguard workers and members of the community.

The Kim Law Firm has the experience, resources, access to expert witnesses and industry-specific knowledge to help the victims of oil refinery and chemical plant accidents recover the money they’re owed.

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