We knew we were in the midst of greatness the first time we met with you. We saw the fierceness of your eyes, heard the anger in your voice, and thereby felt assured of the intensity of your willingness to represent us. We’ll admit, however, that we didn’t know we were in the presence of damn GENIUS!

We knew you had experience & success in the field of drug liability. We also knew we had been to Hell and Back with the severity of our two-year health crisis and there was a good chance that our case would be impossible to prove. After all, who would believe that a flu shot could cause a perfectly healthy man with no prior health issues to become paralyzed from the neck down from something called Guillain-Barre syndrome & have to spend over nine months in an in-patient hospital bed on a ventilator & a stomach tube?

We now know we needn’t have worried. At the mediation hearing, we were totally blown away by your level of preparedness. The fact that you would single-handedly go head to head with FOUR attorneys representing the pharmaceutical co. was absolutely mind-boggling. We were simply awestruck by the skill of your presentation & your sound judgment of which “buttons to push” to make the best impression. When you were finished, we realized that we had just witnessed an Academy Award performance that should have received an Oscar! And, unfortunately, we didn’t have a tape recorder, a video camera or even one piece of paper for our book of memories.

Your immense talent is “over the top!” The medical profession pulled Chuck through after a very long time. But you, my friend, saved our financial lives and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Janis McCullough, Flu Vaccine client