“You are an AWESOME trial lawyer . . .  I was rooting for you from the time you first introduced yourself . . .  I think you did an amazing job and you have a fan in me forever. I may have to pretend to be a law student so I can watch you work again.”


A juror, From an oil and gas dispute John Kim tried in state court in Houston

“John Kim is a very talented courtroom lawyer, I actually tried to hire him out of law school! He grew up as a plaintiff lawyer but has also done a pretty good job diversifying, and he’s just a good courtroom lawyer in general.”

Commenting lawyer, In Benchmark Litigation recommendation of John and The Kim Law Firm

“I can’t recommend John highly enough. Incredibly good at what he does, and if he tells you it is a case he can handle, you should let him handle it. He is a superb judge of character and at evaluating cases. He gets great results, is creative and has a high level of integrity.”

Todd Richey, Business owner who has hired Mr. Kim to handle several legal matters

John is a talented lawyer who just “gets it.” He can be tenacious and shrewd, but perhaps his greatest strength is that he knows how and when to optimize the decision points in a case which usually enable his clients to realize the most favorable outcome. And if the other side is not bright enough to realize that John’s views are the right ones, he has the capability to take the case to trial, and convince 12 fine citizens that his way is the right way.

Stewart Hoffer, Attorney